VAC Status explenation

What does VAC Status "indetectable", "detectable", "unknown" and "use at own risk" means?

VAC Stands for Valve Anti Cheat. Most Valve games enable server admins to enable VAC on their servers. If you get VAC banned, you won't be able to play on these servers anymore.

Indetectable or Undetected
This means that the hack is "VAC Proof" - it can't be caught by VAC. These hacks are safe to use on VAC secure servers. Nobody can be 100 % sure that a hack is VAC Proof though. A brand new hack can be detected at the release, so this is just a term for hacks that are new and/or we believe cannot be detected by VAC. Again, no hack is 100 % VAC Proof!

Hacks that are probably detected by VAC. Playing with these hacks on VAC secured servers gives you high risk of getting banned.

We are not sure whether it has been detected or not - we don't know the VAC status.

Use at own risk
Almost the same as Unknown status. Use the hacks at own risk of getting VAC banned.

Please note that use of all hacks are on your own risk!
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