TF2 hacks - how to unlock ALL Team Fortress 2 archivements without any program

This guide shows you how to unlock ALL the archivements in Team Fortress 2 without downloading any program. You just have to join an archivement mod server, and type some simple commands. This way, you will not risk getting VAC banned, this is 100 % VAC2 Proof.

Warning: people who already earned weapons, archivements etc. complained about loosing these things after being on the server. Therefore using this is at own risk!

Good advice: create a new Steam account and download TF2 on this account (it's free!), then use the archivement mod servers.

To unlock all archivements in TF2 do this:
  • First join a server with the archivement mod installed, i found this: to join the server, write "connect " in your console.
  • See all the commands at the welcome screen, you have to write the commands to get archivements
  • Example: type "!aa get medic all" to unlock all medic archivements. You may have to type it several times. Below i listed some more examples.

Chat commands to unlock archivements with archivement mod

!mortal - makes you killable
!milestone - use this one to get the weapon unlock but not the other archivements
!medic - use this once to get "Chief of Staff" and "Intern"
!scout - use this once to get "Batter up", "Year to remember" and "Race for he Pannant"
!pyro - use this once to get the "Pyromancer"
!sniper - use this once to get "Kill everyone"
!spy - use this once to get "Sap Auteur" and "Spymaster"
!demoman - use this once to get "Tartan Spartan"
!engineer - use this once to get some of the high count engineer archivements
!doc - use this multiple times to get Team Doctor
!kill - kill yourself
!givemeall - use this multiple times to get most archivements
!aa - prints !aa commands info
!aa get heavy all - gives you all heavy archivements (type multiple times)
!aa get medic all - gives you all medic archivements (type multiple times)
!aa get pyro all - gives you all pyro archivements (type multiple times)
!aa get scout all - gives you all scout archivements (type multiple times)
!aa get sniper all - gives you all sniper archivements (type multiple times)
!aa get spy all - gives you all spy archivements (type multiple times)
!aa get demoman all - gives you all demoman archivements (type multiple times)
!aa get soldier all - gives you all soldier archivements (type multiple times)
!aa get engineer all - gives you all engineer archivements (type multiple times)

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