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Released: Nov 12, 2011 - Unknown
enemy box esp
visibility checks

this will only work on black ops 7.0.189

Download BOESP 1.5

Downloaded 4.919 times

ExternalHack v1.6.1

Released: Mar 23, 2011 - Unknown
- Radar ESP
- Box ESP + Name tag + Weapon name + Helis + Sentries
- Explosive ESP - including all grenades and RC-XD
- Rage feature to mark a player you want to molest repeatedly
- Crosshair
- Aimbot + Tubebot
- Includes a pattern scanner, automatic offset updates when game updates

Works for any Python version : 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 -- from ActivePython or

Download ExternalHack v1.6.1

Downloaded 10.022 times

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